Hi, I'm K.Q. Dreger

I'm a writer and designer. Writer by passion, really. I do a bit of writing for my own personal column at Audacious Fox. Other personal interests of mine: webpage weight, orphaned words in headlines, legible typography, and storytelling in video games. I'm currently playing Overwatch, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Rocket League. Play hard, work hard.

I work at a company called Patriot Software. We make online software for payroll, accounting, and recruiting. That's a lot of software. To design it all, I help lead a talented team of designers. We call ourselves Team DUX. DUX stands for Design + UX. Plus, we like the idea that, like a duck, we paddle hard below the surface to provide a smooth experience above. Our goal is to design easy to use software that helps you get work done.

Because design not rooted in humanity is useless.

Thanks for reading. You should follow me @Dreger, or check out Audacious Fox, which is where you can find my contact info and most recent writing. Bye! (or restart the show?)

(Pst... you can skip the story, if that's more your speed.)